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Naluri Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Comprehensive employee wellbeing support for all teams

Evidence-based digital interventions and human-led expertise to achieve significant health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

Trusted by leading employers in Southeast Asia
Trusted by leading employers in Southeast Asia-1

Naluri is Asia's leading Employee Assistance Programme

Pioneering preventive healthcare that leads to quantifiable cost savings, and reduced presenteeism and absenteeism in your organisation.

400,000+ employees served
200+ companies supported
Up to 5x return on investment

An end-to-end approach to employee wellbeing

Achieve clinically-significant health outcomes for your employees with targeted solutions.

Comprehensive health risk assessment on the Naluri app


Comprehensive risk assessments

Naluri uses advanced analytics, assessments, and social determinant data to evaluate organisational health and create personalised care plans.

  • On-site physical health screenings
  • DASS-21 assessments for quantifiable mental health evaluations 
  • AI sentiment analysis for early detection of risk levels for depression, anxiety, and stress


Proactive health management

Naluri deploys early interventions to manage mild-to-moderate symptoms and prevent the onset of chronic physical and mental health conditions.

  • Accessible digital health coaching via the Naluri web or app
  • A vast library of resources, including webinars, videos, and audio guides, to improve overall wellbeing
  • A suite of self-serve digital tools for mental health care, including thought journaling and structured lessons
Digital health coaching
One-on-one remote therapy session via the Naluri app


Personalised, risk-stratified solutions

Naluri delivers personalised interventions that prevent additional medical complications for mental and physical conditions, leading to escalating costs.

  • Personalised health plan built by a team of dedicated health coaches
  • One-on-one remote or in-person consultation and therapy sessions
  • 24/7 carelines and textlines for immediate mental health support
60% of members see clinical health improvements
10X the engagement rates of traditional EAPs
50% reduction of risk factors for chronic conditions

The Naluri difference

Naluri's approach to employee wellbeing solves the key issues of traditional wellness programmes.

Reactive and transactional
The onus is on the employee to reach out, and programmes are focused on short-term problem-solving.
Proactive and structured
Naluri provides early interventions and continuous care for long-term problem-solving.
Siloed by specialisation
Employees' wellbeing needs are not addressed holistically, and are not treated as interrelated.
Integrated, whole person care
Naluri takes a whole-person approach to care with a dedicated team of health coaches.
Activities-based progress

Many wellness programmes track progress through activities as opposed to actual health outcomes.

Outcomes-based progress
Naluri can quantify mental and physical health improvements to deliver real health outcomes.
Success stories

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our clients are saying

"The solutions provided by Naluri are not only important in improving the management of non-communicable diseases but importantly, they also empower patients to make the right choices in their daily lives."

Dr Gayatri GunasagaranCountry Medical Lead, Viatris

"Naluri has provided SME Bank with a digital solution to radically improve employee wellness and engagement in a way that is not only cost-effective for the company but also fun for our employees!"

Pn. Sainursalwa SaniGroup Chief Human Capital Officer, SME Bank
"Naluri is at the core of our digital therapeutics strategy as we work towards providing smarter integrated solutions with a focus on prevention and long-term healthcare solutions to our customers."
Leonard Ariff Bin Abdul ShatarGroup Managing Director, Duopharma Biotech
"I have enjoyed collaborating closely with the Naluri team to launch “first-in-region” digital innovations that can reduce the risks and payouts from chronic disease and expand the base of high-risk but insurable populations."
Rohit NambiarCEO, Tune Protect

"Naluri have been good partners for our digital healthy lifestyle coaching programme that uniquely integrates mental health and physical health that delivers quantifiable improvements and allows us to scale across employees in different geographic locations."

Dr Mohamad Sabri Mohd ShaffiHead (Occupational Health), PETRONAS

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