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Naluri for Employers

Naluri for Employers


Your healthier team starts here

Naluri is powerful

Naluri delivers clinically-significant health outcomes through an integrated and structured employee assistance programme that addresses your team’s physical and mental health.

BMI ⬇ 5% reduction in weight lowers diabetes risk by up to 50%

0.5 mmol/L total cholesterol reduction

⬇ decreases the risk of cardiovascular events by 23%


1.0 HbA1c reduction results in

⬇ 21% decrease in diabetes-related deaths

⬇ 25% reduction of risk of neuropathy, retinopathy, and diabetic nephropathy

⬇ 43% reduction in risk of amputations and vascular disease

Blood Pressure

10mm Hg systolic blood pressure reduction decreases the risk of

⬇ Coronary Heart Disease by 17%

⬇ Stroke by 27%

⬇ Heart failure by 28%

Mental Health

Through Naluri’s coaching and support, members have improved their mental health.

⬇ 56% have reduced symptoms of depression

⬇ 56% have reduced symptoms of anxiety

⬇ 64% have reduced symptoms of stress


return on investment in as little as 6 months


of participants achieve clinically significant health outcomes that reduce risk factors for chronic conditions


reduction of risk factors for chronic conditions

Naluri is scalable

Naluri provides an integrated digital health solution with end-to-end support to ensure a successful corporate wellness programme rollout.

Data DrivenData-driven
approach to risk assessment and intervention.
employee recruitment and enrolment.
and tailored reporting
feedback and refinement.

Naluri is flexible

Health is personal. That’s why Naluri’s digital healthcare solutions are risk-stratified and personalised to empower real change.

The next frontier of health and well-being

Address multiple chronic health conditions, with a single digital care solution.

  • Obesity & Diabetes
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Hypertension & Heart Disease
  • Stress & Resilience
  • Advanced Chronic Conditions
The next frontier of employee well-being

Healthier employees for healthier business

Naluri delivers coordinated multidisciplinary support and clinically proven digital tools to empower real change.

Increase employee engagement, productivity, and resilience.Increaseemployee engagement and resilience
Decrease employee absenteeism and presenteeism.Decreaseemployee absenteeism and presenteeism
Contain healthcare expenditure.Contain
healthcare expenditure

The Naluri approach

Supports employees through prevention and treatment, with clinical health outcomes in just 16 weeks.
Physical and mental health screenings are followed by risk-stratified interventions ranging from preventative self-learning for low-risk to structured digital health coaching for high-risk participants.
with innovative digital tools to increase engagement for better health outcomes.
Naluri provides proactive employee recruitment, enrolment and rollout
to increase programme adherence by 200%.

Features that deliver value for your employees

Integration with connected devices
Integration with connected devices
Team-wide and personal challenges
Team-wide and personal challenges
Dedicated 24-hour carelines and textlines
Dedicated 24-hour carelines and textlines
Exclusive health and wellness resource library
Exclusive health and wellness resource library

Become a healthier business today.

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