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Naluri for Insurers

Healthier members mean fewer claims


Get ahead of chronic conditions

Naluri’s AI-augmented approach reduces the risk of chronic diseases in as little as 16 weeks, making it an invaluable digital care solution for your policyholders.


Guide policyholders with an elevated risk of chronic diseases, leading them towards a healthier lifestyle to turn the tide and reduce payouts.


Reduce the risk of disease progression for policyholders already afflicted with chronic diseases.

Address multiple chronic health conditions with a single digital care solution.
  •  Obesity & Diabetes
  •  Depression & Anxiety
  •  Hypertension & Heart Disease
  •  Stress & Resilience
  •  Advanced Chronic Conditions
Naluri App


achieve clinically-significant health outcomes, correlating with chronic disease risk reduction of up to 50%

Average 4x ROI

in as little as 6 months with Naluri's health improvement programmes


more effective than medication alone and 10x more cost efficient

Healthy policy holders, healthy business

Seamless-integrationSeamless integration
Industry leading securityIndustry leading security
Win-win outcomes-based payment modelsOutcomes-based payment models

The Naluri Approach

By combining expert care from a multidisciplinary team of health professionals with state-of-the-art digital tools, Naluri improves the health of your policyholders and reduces payouts.
Naluri delivers the right level of support from the start
Physical and mental health screenings are followed by risk-stratified interventions ranging from preventative self-learning for low risk to structured digital health coaching for high-risk participants.
Naluri combines human-led expertise
with innovative digital tools to increase engagement for better health outcomes.
Naluri provides proactive recruitment, enrolment, and rollout
to increase programme adherence by 200%.

Features that deliver value for members

Integration with connected devices
Integration with connected devices
Team-wide and personal challenges
Team-wide and personal challenges
Dedicated 24-hour carelines and textlines
Dedicated 24-hour carelines and textlines
Exclusive health and wellness resource library
Exclusive health and wellness resource library

Become a healthier business today.

Find out how Naluri can help.