Naluri’s digital health coaching programme addresses the most pervasive mental health conditions that impact overall health and well-being, productivity and engagement, relationships and communication.

Get Immediate Support

Naluri offers professional counselling services 24/7 via call or WhatsApp.

Monitor Mood

Check in with your feelings regularly to identify trends, pinpoint triggers and learn from your own energy levels to harness better emotional regulation.

Identify Triggers

Get professional help with identifying your triggers to understand your emotional reactions better.

Manage Emotions

Manage your emotions with clinically-validated psychological techniques to preserve your mental well-being.

Improve Sleep

Restore sleep hygiene and deep rest and avoid common sleep disturbances to fast track emotional well-being.

Boost Resilience

Offset factors that increase your risk of common mental health conditions with improved resilience.


Members who improve their Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale score.

How Does Naluri Work?

Naluri provides you with self-serve and structured support services to manage depression, anxiety, stress and burnout.


Naluri for Mental Health includes a comprehensive screening at the beginning and at the end of the programme to measure and prove quantifiable health outcomes, including an improvement of measures of depression, anxiety and stress through DASS-21.

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Digital Health Coaching

After the Health Screening, Naluri assembles a multidisciplinary health coaching team for each member that includes registered mental health practitioners, as well as dietitians, fitness coaches, pharmacists and medical advisors to provide co-ordinated support and care.

They are available to answer questions, develop meal and exercise plans, and to help members stay accountable.

Monitoring Tools

Naluri’s programme provides each member unlimited access to digital transformation tools on the Naluri App.

This includes effective measures for processing thoughts and emotions, as well as tracking movement and diet to address mental well-being holistically.

Immediate Support

Naluri's 24/7 carelines and WhatsApp channels are equipped to effectively address mental health struggles and concerns.

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One on One Consultations

Naluri's mental health support programmes provide one-on-one talk therapy and private coaching with registered health professionals, in person and online.

Self-Paced Lessons

Naluri offers each member a curated lessons playlist to educate them about their condition, offers them guides, tips and best practices to maintain healthier habits, and inspires and motivates them to make better choices for the long-term.

Learn more about anxiety and depression.

The Naluri Difference: A Holistic Approach

Not all health improvement programmes are built the same. Rarely do they take into account your unique real-life circumstances, limitations and competing priorities.

Naluri understands that sometimes healthy eating takes a backseat to caregiving duties, and that exercise is compromised by pain or injury. Naluri knows that constant tracking and logging can cause stress and that staying consistent with your health goals can be boring...and lonely.

Lifestyle modification may be simple – but it’s not always easy. Your mindset matters.

So while Naluri’s health improvement programmes are designed to get your physical health in check, our programmes also ensure you are supported emotionally and psychologically especially when it gets tough so that you are in the right headspace to be your healthiest and best self.

That’s the Naluri difference.

Small Teams

RM 49/year
per person

Ideal for teams of 20 to 250 people.

  • Unlimited access to the Naluri App and all digital transformation tools.
  • Comprehensive Health Screening including blood test.


RM 10,000/year

Multidisciplinary digital health coaching, ideal for large teams.

  • Unlimited access to the Naluri App and all digital transformation tools.
  • Comprehensive Health Screening including blood test.

Digital Solutions. Real Results.

“You don't always need it, but there's a comfort knowing that you can talk to someone any time of day, and they're a chat away.”
Farah K.
“Mental health support has proven effective in not only improving mood and emotional coping mechanisms, but positively influencing motivation and productivity too.”
Sam T.