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Naluri’s personalised digital health program aims to be inclusive. However, this product should not serve as a replacement to your healthcare provider and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any physical illness or psychological disorders. Through Naluri and the Services, I will only receive coaching in personal motivation, diet, exercise, stress management and self-care.

Naluri shall not be liable to my beneficiaries or me for any loss, claim, costs, expenses or damages arising out of or in connection with my use of and/or reliance of the Services, whether arising from the negligence, default, act or omission of Naluri and/or its affiliates and their respective employees, officers, contractors and agents.

Naluri reserves and retains the right to video and audio record and process all interactions. All recordings are the sole property of Naluri. Recorded interactions are used for developmental, research, analytics, improvement and monitoring purposes. Naluri may also use all or any part of the information recorded (or derivatives of such information) to improve our service, by means of processing the recorded data to train Machine Learning (ML) models that will improve our coaching. This also includes allowing Naluri personnel or third parties with technical expertise to listen to, watch, and perform analysis with or process data recorded from your video, calls or recordings in connections with the Services (or any improvement thereof).

I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Naluri and its affiliates, and their respective employees, officers, contractors and agents from any liability, loss, damage, claim, cost, expense or damages that Naluri may suffer or incur as a result of, in connection with or arising out of my participation in any event or activity by Naluri, and/or use of the Services.

By clicking 'SUBMIT' and proceeding to use the Services, these terms and conditions will both govern my use of the Services and form part of the contract between myself and Naluri.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection Naluri abides by the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 ('The Act') which requires us to inform you of your rights in respect of your personal data that is being processed or that is being collected and further processed by us and the purposes for the data processing. The Act also requires us to obtain your consent to the collection and processing of your data that enables us to perform, analyse and improve our services, offer our services and communicate with you. we will use this data to provide you with the Services requested, to maintain our records and/or to send you relevant information.

By signing up to the Naluri programme and using Naluri's Services, I hereby consent for my personal data (including sensitive data) to be collected and processed, and confirm that I agree to Naluri’s Privacy Policy. All the information provided here by me is correct.

We strongly urge you to review our detailed Privacy Policy prior to providing us with your personal data.

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