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Sarawak Energy Launches New Employee Wellness Programme with Naluri

Sarawak Energy, a leading energy development company in Malaysia, recently launched a comprehensive employee wellness programme to prioritise health and wellness in the workplace, in collaboration with Naluri.

The virtual event, officiated by Mr James Ung, the Group COO of Sarawak Energy, reflected the company’s dedication to employee wellbeing. In his opening speech, Mr Ung emphasised the importance of creating a workplace culture that nurtures and supports employees’ mental and emotional health. 

Following the officiation, Azran Osman-Rani, Naluri Co-founder and CEO, took to the virtual stage to share his insights in transforming stress and anxiety into positive energy. Azran empowered all Sarawak Energy employees to adopt a proactive mindset, enabling them to leverage challenges and convert them into growth and personal development opportunities.


Sarawak Energy


An interactive mental health quiz was conducted to conclude the event on a high note. This activity allowed attendees to gauge their understanding of mental wellbeing concepts discussed during the event. The quiz served as a reminder of the importance of continuous learning and self-reflection in maintaining good mental health.

We thank the Sarawak Energy team for their dedication to prioritising employee wellbeing and creating an environment that empowers employees to thrive personally and professionally!

If you’re looking for corporate physical and mental health support, find out how Naluri’s Mental Health Programme or Naluri for Employers can reduce absenteeism and presenteeism and promote productivity in your team.

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