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Screen Time to Face Time: Understanding the Differences Between Digital Health Coaching and Talk Therapy

Everyone’s talking about mental health, and it’s now easier to find mental health support than ever before. You’re beginning to see how mental health affects your overall health, and you’re now ready to invest in your well-being. But now that you’re prepared to reap the benefits of professional support and guidance, there are too many options. 

Are all mental health professionals the same? Is it better to connect with a psychologist digital health coach via the Naluri app, or will you stand to gain more from a one-on-one in-person or remote therapy session?


Why do digital health coaching and talk therapy matter?

At its core, digital health coaching and therapy aim to empower you to take control of your life and make it what you want it to be. They are support systems to help you achieve your goals and live your healthiest and best life — physically and mentally. Finding the right support system to help you on your life journey can make complex changes seem more manageable.


What is talk therapy?

Also known as psychotherapy or counselling, talk therapy is a mental health intervention or treatment by a clinical psychologist, counsellor, or psychiatrist. It is an effective means of diagnosing and treating psychological disorders. A disorder is an ongoing, unmanaged mental health problem that causes significant distress and compromises your daily functioning at work, in life, or in your relationships.

Therapy is structured and time-restricted, i.e. 50 to 90 minutes per session over weeks or months. It tends to dig deep into your past to understand your personality and perceptions. It can uncover trauma and emotional baggage and focus on healing your psyche and the parts of yourself that may not be visibly apparent to others.

Not everyone who utilises talk therapy has or will receive a diagnosis for a mental condition. Although it is a conventional therapy for people with a psychological disorder, many people who seek treatment do so to gain a sense of personal agency to make healthy choices and take action against patterns and behaviours that no longer serve their well-being.


What is digital health coaching?

Digital health coaching is a form of emotional support” through internal or external roadblocks that might make life changes seem more difficult. It’s not focused on pathologising but designed to increase your capacity and capabilities through goal-setting and problem-solving.

There is also less structure, and it is not time-limited. Asynchronous chat makes connecting to coaches as easy as receiving a message checking in on you sporadically throughout the week to see how you’re progressing on your phone. It is a convenient, collaborative process that can also help you keep track of details that might be easy to miss or forget, like the correct way to consume specific medication, the right information when there seems to be conflicting advice, and even reminding you to practice the new habit you wish to build to achieve your goals.


How do talk therapy and digital health coaching differ?

The most apparent difference between coaching and therapy is that not all coaches are trained to diagnose or work in-depth with mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or other underlying issues. Unlike traditional talk therapy, you can use digital health coaching to manage different aspects of your health, such as your career, fitness, finances, diet, and so much more.


Can you do talk therapy and digital health coaching at the same time?

Yes! If time and resources allow, utilising both to your advantage is a great way to care for your mental and physical health simultaneously. Talk therapy can help you strengthen your mental health, and you can use digital health coaching as a day-to-day support system for every aspect of your health.


This article was brought to you by Naluri’s Mental Health Coaches. Naluri empowers you to develop healthy lifestyle habits, achieve meaningful health outcomes, and be healthier and happier through personalised coaching, structured programmes, self-guided lessons, and health tools and devices. Download the Naluri App today or contact for more information on utilising digital health coaching and therapy to become a happier, healthier you.

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