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Why You Should Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Question: I keep hearing about a comfort zone. Why is it so important to get out of it? How can Naluri help me?

What is a comfort zone?

A comfort zone is a psychological safe space where you control the environment to limit causing yourself stress or anxiety. For most people, a comfort zone looks like a routine - sitting in your favourite chair after coming home from a long day at work or playing the same music repeatedly.

Being comfortable is nice. Reducing stress is good. Limiting anxiety is great, right? Right. 

Or is it? 

Why should I step outside of my comfort zone?

Taken to the extreme, staying in your comfort zones can be a trap that limits your personal growth and development. The longer you stay there, the harder it is to get out, to experiment, to learn and to grow. 

Here are three main reasons why you should move beyond the safe and familiar:

  1. Build resilience

All successful people have taken risks and failed at some point, but they were able to pick themselves back up and rechallenge themselves to get to where they are today. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and taking risks will come with some stress or anxiety, but going through challenges will help you build resilience in the long run.

  1. Unleashes your potential

You can’t learn much by staying in your comfort zone. You never know what you might realise or discover about yourself! Once you step out and begin new activities, you will unleash your true potential. You’ll find new types of food that you enjoy or a sport or activity that you’re good at.

  1. Strengthen your adaptability skills

Change can be frightening or it can be an opportunity. Without stepping out of your comfort zone and honing your adaptability skills, change will always be the former. 

Being adaptable is consistently listed as one of the most desirable soft-skills in any workplace. Why? Because adaptable people are able to learn new skills quickly and thrive in changing circumstances. 

How do I start?

There are simple things you can do daily to help you step out of your comfort zone. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Switch up your routine

You can start with something small. While eating dinner, try to turn off your phone and other distractions, decide to wear different sets of clothes, or simply slow down to take in the scenery on a walk. Do you listen to the news at the same time every day? Skip it!  Why not spend that time listening to that podcast your friends are always talking about. These small changes break you out of your old habits.

Face a fear

Confronting your fears can boost confidence and self-esteem, and reaching a goal is linked to dopamine release, the hormone responsible for making you feel good. If you happen to be shy, go on a date, speak up at work, or have a difficult conversation with a relative as a first step. Conquering something you dread will empower you. 

Consult a pro

If you’re finding it tough to get started, reach out for help. Find inspiration through friends and family, or get the motivation to step out of your comfort zone by consulting a therapist or professional health coach or through a support group.

If you’re accountable to someone else, you’re more likely to commit. 


Whether it becomes a regular part of your life or a one-time event to venture outside of your comfort zone, volunteering will undoubtedly teach you something new. The life lessons learnt from volunteering will increase your creativity, improve your understanding and perception of the world, and ultimately give you a sense of accomplishment and pride while giving back to the community.

Learn something new

Learning something new won't only help you escape your comfort zone, but there are also several important health benefits. You're exercising your brain, which will assist in enhancing your cognitive abilities like focus, attention to detail, memory recall, and problem-solving, as well as lessen the risk of dementia. If you enrol in a class to acquire your new skill, you will meet other people trying to learn the same skill. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and join a support group that can help you in your growth process.

Embrace the New You

Living in your comfort zone is safer as long as the world around you remains the same. But learning to be adaptable, flexible and resilient is far more rewarding. Venture out of your comfort zone so you can live the life you deserve. Naluri can help you discover opportunities to grow and find success in all aspects of your life. Get the support you need from a professional you can trust today.


Hanani Damiri

(Hanani is a Naluri Mental Health Coach specialising in health psychology and stress management, helping people to expand their comfort zone for personal growth, learning, and success.)


Written by:
24 May 2022