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Naluri1 min read

Unilever Partners with Naluri to Launch Better-U Wellness Program

Unilever, a global consumer goods company with a diverse portfolio spanning food, beverages, cleaning agents, and personal care items, recently launched a new employee wellbeing programme in Malaysia and Indonesia in collaboration with Naluri. Through this wellness program, Unilever's workforce will gain access to professional health coaching services and an array of health-related resources, enabling them to pursue their health objectives and enhance their overall wellness.

To kick off the programme in Malaysia, Naluri hosted a launch of their Better-U wellness programme at the Unilever KL Head Office. Lenny Chuah, Country Lead for TH, SG & MY, Unilever Malaysia kicked off the event with an opening speech, setting the tone for an exciting and informative event with the key objectives highlighted and the company's commitment to its employees' wellbeing.

Next, a leadership talk “Create and Nurture a Psychologically Safe Workplace For a Better-U” by Naluri CEO and Co-Founder Azran Osman-Rani. 

At the Healthier-U Launch at Unilever Indonesia, the first session started with “Create and Nurture a Psychologically Safe Workplace” by Willy Saelan, Director of  Human Resources, Unilever Indonesia. Following after, a a panel discussion by Fatimah Muthahirah, Naluri Mental Health Coach, Nabila Prasisti, Naluri Dietitian, and Jansen Ongko, Founder of APKI - Asosiasi Pelatih Kebugaran Indonesia or Wellness Trainer Association of Indonesia.

These sessions provided attendees with insights and practical tips on creating a safe space, building trust, and achieving healthy physical and mental fitness.

Throughout the programme launch, Unilever employees were offered a holistic approach to improving their wellbeing during the event, with dedicated Mental Health, Physical Health and Dietitian Health stations equipped with interactive activities and games. Employees are encouraged to engage with various coaches to receive health guidance and gain insight into the resources provided on the wellness programme.

A massive thank you to Lenny Chuah, Willy Saelan and the entire Unilever team for taking a giant step towards prioritising their employees' health and wellbeing. Together, we look forward to nurturing a healthier and happier team at Unilever. 

If you are interested in discovering how Naluri can support your employees' health and wellbeing, find out more about Naluri For Employers or reach out to our sales team.