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Pos Malaysia partners with Naluri
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Pos Malaysia Partners with Naluri to Launch FIT Programme

Pos Malaysia, one of Malaysia’s leading postal delivery services, recently launched FIT - an employee wellness programme in collaboration with Naluri. Accessible through Kyzense, the company’s employee engagement application, Pos Malaysia employees will gain access to professional health coaching services and an array of health-related resources to enhance their overall health and wellness.

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To kick off the programme, Naluri hosted the FIT programme launch at the Pos HQ. Charles Brewer, Pos Malaysia’s Group Chief Executive Officer, kicked off the event with a welcome speech that set the tone for an exciting and informative event and highlighted the importance of workplace wellness.

He also stated, “We understand the far-reaching impact and link mental wellbeing has on physical health and safety of our employees, driving us to prioritise their overall wellbeing through initiatives like FIT. FIT is a comprehensive, nationwide wellbeing initiative offering our employees access to physical and mental health support, whether they are a postman or courier in Tawau or retail counter staff in Penang. All of our Pos Wiras will have a dedicated channel to connect with healthcare consultants and expert coaches whenever required. This support system is seamlessly accessible through our Kyzense app, providing impactful 24/7 assistance right at their fingertips.

Then, Azran Osman-Rani, Naluri Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, took to the stage to share his personal story in relation to resilience, and how Pos Malaysia employees can turn stress into positive energy through the FIT programme.

Azran also added, “We’re honoured to partner with Pos Malaysia, a pioneer in digital employee engagement and integrate Naluri’s predictive and preventive wellbeing features into Kyzense to help transform traditional healthcare, which is reactive ‘sickcare’ to the FIT programme that proactively keeps employees healthy and engaged.

Throughout the event, Pos Malaysia employees were offered a holistic approach to better understanding and improving their wellbeing, including stations equipped with interactive activities and games. Employees were encouraged to engage with various coaches on the ground, including Naluri Dietitians and Fitness Coaches to receive health guidance and gain insight into the resources provided on the wellness programme.

Free health screenings for Pos Malaysia's employees
Pos Malaysia partners with Naluri
Charles Brewer and Azran Osman-Rani
The Naluri team
Pos Malaysia team with Azran Osman-Rani
Nor Suriawati and Azran Osman-Rani

A massive thank you to the entire team at Pos Malaysia for partnering with Naluri and taking a proactive approach to promoting positive employee health and wellness. We look forward to championing workplace wellness together!