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Petrosea Launches EAP Programme with Naluri

Petrosea, a multi-disciplinary contract mining, engineering, procurement & construction and oil & gas services company, recently launched a new employee wellbeing programme called Petrosea EAP in collaboration with Naluri through Howden and Asuransi Cakrawala Proteksi Indonesia. With this new initiative, Petrosea employees will get access to professional health coaching services and a variety of health resources, empowering them to achieve their health goals and improve overall wellbeing.

To mark the start of the programme, Naluri hosted a launch event at the Petrosea Head Office. Bita Budiariani, Petrosea HR Director, kicked off the event with an opening speech and shared her thoughts on this collaboration: "As we all know, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for our overall wellbeing and can greatly impact our productivity and job satisfaction. We want to say thank you to Howden and Asuransi Cakrawala Proteksi Indonesia for providing the opportunity to work with Naluri in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle within Petrosea. I believe with the launch of this programme, we are taking the necessary steps to invest in the health and wellbeing of our employees."

Then, the Naluri coaching team took to the stage to host “Healthy Finances, Healthy Mind” - a panel discussion that featured Naluri Mental Health Coach Fatimah Muthahirah, and Naluri Financial Coach Esther Kristina. The discussion provided attendees with practical tips on achieving positive financial wellbeing, crucial for a healthy mindset.

Throughout the event, Petrosea employees were encouraged to undergo comprehensive health screenings to help them understand their health state better. These health screening results would serve as the foundation for their health programmes and be used by the Naluri coaches to build personalised health plans to cater to their needs.

A massive thank you to Bita Budiariani and the entire Petrosea team for taking a giant step towards prioritising their employees' health and wellbeing. Together, we look forward to nurturing a healthier and happier team at Petrosea.

If you are interested in discovering how Naluri can support your employees' health and wellbeing, find out more about Naluri For Employers or reach out to our sales team.

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