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Naluri improves health tech with ViMUT
Naluri1 min read

ViMUT Hospital Drives Health Tech Innovation with Strategic Investment in Naluri

ViMUT Hospital, a premier private healthcare institution in the heart of Bangkok, reaffirms its dedication to advancing innovative healthcare solutions with a strategic investment in Naluri, a leading digital health tech provider renowned for its pioneering approach to preventive enterprise healthcare solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in ViMUT Hospital’s mission to provide comprehensive patient care while promoting positive health outcomes and sustainable lifestyles.

The investment underscores ViMUT Hospital’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver personalised, patient-centric care. By partnering with Naluri, an industry leader in enterprise healthcare solutions, ViMUT aims to introduce transformative innovations that empower working patients and revolutionise the healthcare sector.

Dr Pichit Kangwolkij, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer of Pruksa Holding Public Company Limited and Acting Chief Executive Officer of ViMUT Hospital Company Limited, explains, “Our investment in Naluri underscores ViMUT Hospital’s steadfast commitment to innovation and exceptional holistic patient care through advancements in health technology. Teaming up with Naluri, a leader in enterprise healthcare solutions, we aim to introduce transformative innovations that empower working patients and revolutionise the healthcare sector.”

Mr. Azran Osman–Rani, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Naluri, emphasises Naluri’s mission to prioritise prevention over treatment, revolutionising the healthcare landscape. He states, “Naluri epitomises the future of healthcare by prioritising prevention over treatment, revolutionising the industry’s landscape.”



To foster workplace wellbeing and efficient health management, ViMUT Hospital recently collaborated with Naluri to organise the “Healthier Organization: ViMUT Corporate HR Seminar 2024.” This event brought together Human Resource professionals from leading Thai organisations to explore topics such as work-life balance and health trends alongside discussions on optimising employee potential through effective, holistic health promotion programs.

With Naluri’s support, HR professionals can leverage advanced analytics, assessments, and social determinant data to assess organisational health and develop personalised care plans comprehensively. By implementing early interventions and preventive healthcare strategies, companies can mitigate the risk of further health complications, reducing healthcare expenses and improving employee wellbeing.

Through this strategic partnership, ViMUT Hospital and Naluri aim to empower enterprises to offer streamlined, holistic health and wellness initiatives for their employees, catalysing a transformative shift in the healthcare landscape and paving the way for a healthier, more resilient future for individuals and communities alike.