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Naluri2 min read

Naluri and Astra Isuzu Forge a Path to Enhanced Employee Wellbeing

Naluri is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Astra Isuzu, a leading force in Indonesia’s automotive sector, by launching the “AI Fit Employee Wellbeing Program” programme. This initiative underscores a mutual commitment to fostering Astra Isuzu’s workforce’s mental and physical health, marking a pivotal step in prioritising employee wellbeing within the industry.


The programme was officially introduced during a vibrant Astra Isuzu Head Office event on 15 February 2024. The gathering attracted a diverse audience, with 100 attendees joining in person and 130 participating virtually, demonstrating the high level of interest and engagement among Astra Isuzu’s employees.

A highlight of the event was the insightful “How Are You Really?” session, which encouraged participants to engage in introspection and open dialogue about emotional awareness and mental health. This segment and the distribution of goodie bags to interactive participants enhanced the overall event experience, fostering a culture of openness and support.

Notable leaders, including Mr. Yohanes Pratama, COO of Astra Isuzu, and Hery Widyarso, Head of the HC Department, delivered distinguished speeches. Mr. Pratama emphasised the importance of mental fitness, physical health, a supportive environment, and financial stability, urging the Astra Isuzu Sales Operation Team to leverage the Naluri programme for comprehensive wellness. Mr. Widyarso highlighted the often overlooked connection between stress and physical health risks, such as obesity, underscoring the value of Naluri’s partnership in addressing these challenges.

Hafidz Alhadi Luqmana, Naluri Indonesia’s Country Lead, added depth to the discussion by addressing the spectrum of mental health risks and the importance of identifying root causes. He articulated Naluri’s pride in collaborating with Astra Isuzu to support employees through a holistic health programme to build mental resilience amidst professional pressures.


The “AI Fit Employee Wellbeing Program” programme offers services to address employees’ emotional and physical wellbeing, echoing Naluri’s tenets of care to Predict, Prevent, and Protect. This includes dynamic wellbeing assessments (Predict), access to digital coaching (Prevent), and a 24/7 Careline for immediate support (Protect), among other resources. These elements are tailored to meet the varied needs of Astra Isuzu’s employees, ensuring a well-rounded approach to health and wellness.

Naluri extends its gratitude to Astra Isuzu for this partnership, which benefits the employees directly and sets a precedent for industry-wide emphasis on holistic employee wellbeing. Together, we look forward to nurturing a healthier, more vibrant Astra Isuzu team.

For enterprises interested in learning how Naluri can support your employees’ health and wellbeing, please explore our Employee Assistance Programme or contact our sales team for more information.