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Naluri1 min read

Strength in Vulnerability: Journey Towards a Supportive Universiti Teknologi Petronas Community

Recently, Naluri was privileged to conduct an enlightening orientation session at Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) Seri Iskander. The orientation brought together 400 enthusiastic UTP students, each with unique backgrounds and aspirations, to embark on an incredible journey of personal growth and to learn the importance of a support system.

One of the session’s highlights was an activity designed to instil awareness among the students that their peers come from all walks of life and have faced different challenges. The aim was to foster a sense of kindness and support within the UTP community. Students were encouraged to share impactful statements that allowed them to delve into their experiences and connect with their classmates more deeply.




During the activity, several statements resonated deeply with the participants, revealing the diversity of their experiences and the need for understanding. One such statement was, “I have lost a meaningful friendship.” This statement touched upon the profound impact that losing someone close can have on an individual’s life, emphasising the importance of compassion and support during such difficult times.

To conclude the session, a deep breathing exercise allowed participants to relax, reflect, and appreciate the valuable insights gained throughout the orientation. This exercise encouraged a collective moment of tranquillity and set a positive tone for the upcoming academic journey.

As the orientation session came to a close, the atmosphere was filled with a sense of anticipation and enthusiasm. The transformative experience laid the foundation for UTP’s compassionate and supportive environment. Heartfelt appreciation goes to Saravanan Muthiah, Maniza Mansor, the UTP o-week organisers, facilitators, and everyone involved in organising this special orientation session. Naluri and the UTP community eagerly await the next session, eager to further nurture personal growth, understanding, and meaningful connections among the students.

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