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Smart Choices: Snacks

Snacks are food or drinks consumed in smaller portions compared to main meals and are taken in-between mealtime. Snacks can help you achieve daily caloric requirements, curb hunger, and keep you going until the next meal. The key to healthy snacking is making wise food and drink choices, and following the correct frequency, timing and portion sizes. 

Healthy snacking is recommended:

  • To achieve adequate nutrient needs for age and physical activity level
  • To prevent overeating during main meals, which may lead to excessive calorie intake
  • To manage hunger in-between meal times


How to snack smart

Snacking helps us meet our nutrient needs and recommended food groups. However, certain enjoyable and convenient snacks may be high in sugar, salt (sodium), and fat, increasing the possibility of gaining weight and affecting health. Snacks that have lower amounts of fats, sugars, and overall calories and are in smaller portions are the smart choices for you. Here are a few tips to help you snack smart:

1. Choose a snack that is low in fat, sugar, salt and calories

  • Limit the consumption of fried food, both fresh ingredients and processed
  • Select snacks that are steamed, such as steamed pau
  • Include beans, nuts, and dairy products as your snacking options
  • Choose plain drinking water over sugary beverages!

2. Snack on high-fibre food that promotes satiety 

  • Choose fruits 
  • Select biscuits or crackers that are high in fibre and low in fat, like wholewheat crackers
  • Prepare snacks by using whole grains or whole-grain products

3. Snack at the right and consistent timing

  • Make sure snacking does not happen during the period within 2 hours of main meals and sleep time
  • We recommend having a 4-hour gap between main meals


Here are some healthy snack options you can try at Convenience Stores:

  • Unsalted peanuts or cashew nuts, or sunflower seeds sold in packets
  • Trail mix (fruits and nuts) sold in packets
  • Steamed corn in a cup (request to avoid the margarine and salt)
  • Any fresh fruit, if available (e.g., bananas)
  • Energy bars (preferably whole-grain granola bars)
  • Low-fat milk or chocolate milk
  • Popcorn (without salt or caramel)


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