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Reinventing Your Career In 4 Steps

Let’s be honest, uncertainty is uncomfortable and it is overwhelming. Career transitions are daunting under normal circumstances and it can be disheartening under the shadow of a pandemic.

But, uncertainty does not mean that you have to put your professional life on hold nor does it mean that you are stuck. In fact, uncertainty has a way of forcing us to reassess our priorities. With the right perspective, some tenacity, and a little bit of daring, it can be an opportunity to fastrack your career and your life for the better.


Here’s how to improve your chances of successfully reinventing your career in four steps:

  1. Take the time to self-assess your experiences and key achievements

    One way to help visualise just how capable you actually are is to write down all your regular and irregular tasks, skills, talents, and interests. Being good at organising, enjoying research, and knowing how to communicate clearly are all forms of transferable skills. These are relevant and helpful to take note of when considering different positions and career paths.

    Ask yourself tough questions like:

    • What are you qualified to do?
    • What extracurricular activities can potentially be used in your favour?
    • What skills have you developed over the years?
    • What roles do you enjoy?
    • What do you want out of your next career?
    • Is quality of life more important to you than a large paycheck?
    • Do you want to collaborate with a team or work alone?
    • What are your passions?
    • What are your values?
    • Where do you see yourself in five years? In ten years?

    Your answers to these and other questions will help you make informed decisions in your job search. Assessing what you want from your career keeps you from wasting both your own time and a prospective employer’s time when you’re applying and interviewing. Truly knowing yourself helps you make a smart career change from day one.

  2. Think about your dream industry and job position

    Popular sites like,, and even Facebook groups can also help uncover a wide range of job openings to consider.

    Once you’ve allowed yourself to consider all career possibilities, build a list of industries, job positions, and opportunities that are of biggest interest to you. Outline all of your job considerations with a list of pros and cons for each option, including salary requirements, location, flexibility, benefits, and company culture.

  3. Spruce up your resume

    It takes a potential employer an average of 7 seconds to read a resume. Highlighting your work experience and achievements in a quick and easily digestible way that’s targeted to the specific role you are applying for can help you stand out.

    Narrow your focus and target industries where you can showcase your strengths, and look for job positions where you can work to achieve your career goals over time.

  1. Use LinkedIn to your advantage

    Many headhunters and company recruiters use LinkedIn as a tool to find qualified job seekers. It is a powerful networking tool when used correctly. Your profile should showcase your professionalism. Start with a LinkedIn headline that lets people know that you are actively seeking a new position and boost your profile with recommendations from ex-colleagues and management.

    LinkedIn also has an advanced search feature to find recruiters or companies that you are interested in. You can also utilise LinkedIn Alumni to make more connections and explore the alumni of other colleges and universities too. Don’t limit yourself.

Career transitions are bold moves regardless of your age, reason, or experience. It takes a lot of effort to reinvent something. But there is also a lot of room for growth and opportunities with new connections to be made.

Take a deep breath. You got this.

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Written by:
Chloe Pharamond