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Naluri believes that physical and mental health function in tandem, which is why our digital and customisable health solution is designed to address medical needs as well as improve emotional resilience.
Naluri delivers the right level of support from the start. Physical and mental health screenings are followed by risk-stratified interventions that range from preventative self-learning for low risk to structured digital health coaching for participants at high risk.
Naluri combines human-led expertise with innovative digital tools to increase engagement for better health outcomes.

return on investment in as little as 6 months


of participants achieve clinically significant health outcomes that reduce risk factors for chronic conditions

20 - 50%

reduction of risk factors for chronic conditions

Employee support, done right.

Traditional EAPs


Reactive and transactional Employees only seek professional care once struggling with their mental or physical health.

Single-minded specialisation Mental health and physical health are considered independently of each other.

Activity-based payment structure Incentives are based on consultation and services provided rather than actual health improvements
Proactive and programmatic Supports employees through both prevention and treatment, with clinical health improvements in just 16 weeks.

Integrated approach Holistic support that takes into account mind, body and lifestyle factors.

Outcomes-based payment structure Incentives are based on achieving actual, targeted health outcomes.

Meet your multidisciplinary coaching team.

  • Clinical psychologists
  • Dietitians
  • Medical advisors
  • Fitness experts
  • Pharmacists
  • Career coaches
  • Financial planners

By improving the health of policyholders, Naluri effectively reduces claims ratios.

Our AI-augmented approach reduces the risk of chronic diseases, making it an invaluable digital care solution for the modern age.


Guide policyholders with elevated risk of chronic diseases, leading them towards a healthier lifestyle to turn the tide and reduce payouts.


Reduce the risk of disease progression for policyholders already afflicted with chronic diseases.

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