About this initiative


Making Digital Health accessible to all

The Triune Centre for Social Engagement and Naluri are partnering to sponsor 40 participants to enrol in Naluri’s innovative digital health program.

What is Naluri?

Naluri is a digital health coaching programme that helps you achieve your healthiest and best self through a personalised, convenient and confidential programme.

Through the Naluri app, you’ll have unlimited access to chat with your own dedicated team of coaches, including your dedicated psychologist, fitness coaches, dietitians, medical advisors, pharmacists and more. You’ll also be able to take advantage of our digital health tools including a Food Journal, Thought Journal, Daily Modules and Planner, as well as easily track your weight with our Bluetooth-connected weighing scale.

Participants will be enrolled in a 4-month programme to help them achieve their weight-loss or other health goals.

How will it work?

Once enrolled, you will be invited to the official launch day event, where you will:

  • Meet some of Naluri’s coaching team

  • Take your free baseline blood test and health screening

  • Learn more about the Naluri programme

During the programme:

  • Have your first Skype call with your dedicated coach

  • Set a challenge to keep you accountable

  • Continue logging your meals throughout the programme in your Food Journal.

  • Record your weight at least once a week to get the full benefit.

  • Your coach will guide you on which Daily Modules will be the most helpful to you, but you can also request to unlock modules you want to learn about.

At the end of the programme:

  • After 4 months, we will invite you back to take your final blood test and health screening. This will allow us to gauge the impact of our programme on your health.

Hear from Azri on his experience with Naluri

Spaces are limited - register your interest here now!

Terms and conditions:

  • Only B40, M40 groups and workers in NGOs/charities are eligible for the programme.