Success Stories


We are privileged to be partners to some inspirational life changing journeys

Dr Fatin

Medical Doctor

I want to be healthy. All my life I have always felt chubby, so I would like for once to be happy with how I look. Naluri has motivated me to exercise. As compared to pre-Naluri program, I’m making more effort to exercise now. I have started to do BBG exercise and although it is still a work in progress and I’m doing it on and off, but it keeps me thinking about doing exercise. I’m also more conscious of what I eat. I have tried to cut down starch-based food intake like rice and noodles.

Result :
Dr Fatin is able to start mindful eating habit since Naluri program.


Insurance Agent

 I was about to get married when I first started with Naluri program, and this fueled my motivation. Since the program, the most significant lifestyle change is exercise as I do hiking, walking and jogging regularly 2 to 3 times a week alternating with HIIT workouts or resistance workout at home. In terms of diet, I cook mostly at home and have control of the ingredients. I’m feeling less stress since I got married, as I have someone to share the load, and my husband is my motivation to workout. He supports me

Result :
Amalina managed to get healthy and lose 9.5% of her weight since starting with Naluri program. She also managed to lose to her targeted weight in time for her wedding, and have since continued progress in her weight loss.

Azri Tajri


Naluri has challenged the way I used to think about dieting. I used to eat a lot of oily foods before starting the Naluri program, and I always dreaded thinking about diet programs. Naluri understood my current environment and helped me figure out healthier alternatives to my favourite foods that I could easily find and that I would be much more likely to stick to. I’ve found that I don’t actually miss the oily foods I used to eat, since the healthier options still satisfy my cravings without the unwanted calories, and I’ve already started seeing improvements in my weight.

Result :
Azri is much more mindful of what he eats on a day to day basis and actively keeps track of his food intake through Naluri's food journal.

Mohan Subramanim


 Before Naluri, I was too lazy to eat healthy, I didn’t exercise much, and my stress level was so high from trying to find a job. Since starting Naluri, my coach has become more like my friend. She’s always asking me about my progress on eating healthier and exercising more. She’s been a really helpful resource for me to go to for advice and she understands my habits and constraints and keeps me accountable. The self-care modules she recommended to me really helped bring down my stress and allowed me to put more focus and effort into improving my eating and exercise habits.

Result :
Mohan has started exercising 2-3 times a week and is now regularly eating healthier throughout the week. He has started seeing consistent weight loss results after being on the Naluri program.