RHB Wellness Program 2.0

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the RHB Wellness Program 2.0?

The program is 12-weeks long, where you will have a team of professional coaches guiding you through a mobile app with on-site exercise sessions and health talks, to help you become healthier. Prior to the program, you are entitle for a free medical health check that consist of general health screening, blood test and mental health survey. On top of that, you will be given a free Bluetooth weight scale worth RM200 and a program t-shirt. RHB Wellness Program 2.0 is an improvement from the RHB Wellness Program 1.0 which was conducted last year and participated by 337 employees from Head Office and Klang Valley regions.

Am I eligible for the program?

All RHB employees in Head Office and nearby offices are eligible to join the program. However, those who have participated in the program last year are not eligible to join this year to give way for new participants.

Where will the activities for the RHB Wellness Program 2019 be held?

The program will be held concurrently at RHB Centre and RHB Complex Bangi for the health talk and weekly physical exercise.

Can I participate in the program if I suffer from illnesses such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High cholesterol etc.?

Yes, you may apply to participate. However you are required to declare your illness in the application form and the program’s medical team will do the necessary screening prior to selection.

How are participants being selected?

Participants will be selected based on the result of pre-selection health screening, blood test, mental health survey and readiness to change. Once selected, participant would need to commit to all 12 sessions throughout the program period.

What will happen during the health screening?

You are expected to sign up to the Naluri app using the sponsor code: rhb2019. There will be professional health coaches and staff to guide you on signing up to the Naluri App, undergo your health screening, and handling the blood test and mental health survey.

Do I need to prepare anything for the health screening?

There are no specific requirement before you going for the health screening. Please note that you do not need to fast prior to the blood test.

Do I need to pay a fee to participate in the program?  

Successful applicants are required to pay a program fee of RM50 to participate and RHB Banking Group will subsidise over 80% of overall program.

How do I pay for the program fee?

Details on the mode of payment will be shared with successful applicants.

Do I receive anything once being selected as participant?

Each participant will receive a Bluetooth smart scale and program t-shirt.

Do I need to obtain the approval of my immediate superior?

Generally, all activities for the program will be held outside normal working hours i.e. 8.45pm to 5.45pm (excluding lunch break). These including Health Screening, Health talk and weekly exercise session. However, there will be some activities that will be held during working hour i.e program launching by GMD and program briefing. You must obtain the approval from your immediate supervisor to allow you to attend such activities within the program timeline.

What is expected of participants during the program?

Participants are required to attend all health talks for health and dietary advices and the weekly exercise session that will be held every Friday from September 2019 to November 2019 for the group exercises. Participants will then need to enrol on to the Naluri digital platform and follow a personalized health program by engaging frequently with the coaches and features in the application to achieve their health goals. For a more detailed FAQ on Naluri, please click here.

What if I missed a session due to urgent meeting or sickness?

We encourage you to attend all sessions as attendance is one of the key criteria in the selection of winners.

Can I claim travelling expenses incurred for attending the activities?

No, all traveling expenses will be borne by employee.

Will there be any briefing session for successful applicants?

There will be a briefing session by the organising committee for successful applicants to provide details of the program.

Will there be any launching ceremony?

There will be a launching ceremony before the program kick off.

How do I register for the program and book my health screening session?

Please fill in the registration form here.

What is Naluri?

Naluri is a digital treatment program that helps Southeast Asian healthcare payors manage chronic disease risks and costs, in a way that is twice as effective as medication alone, ten times as cost-efficient and much more accessible. For more information, please click here: https://www.naluri.life/

Who are the professional coaches inside the mobile apps?

Health Coach

Your health coach is your own dedicated psychologist who will be your main point of contact in Naluri and will guide you through your personalized health program. Together, you and your health coach will formulate ways to achieve your health goals while taking into account your needs and preferences. 


If you have questions relating to diet and nutrition, you can reach out to our team of dietitians. Your dietitian will also help to support you in your food intake by sharing insightful comments and feedback in the food journal. 

Fitness coach

Give our fitness coach a ping if you have any questions relating to exercise and fitness! 

Medical Advisors

Any concerns related to health and medicine - or if you would like to know more about specific illnesses, you can drop a message to our medical advisors. 

Executive Coach

For work related matters such as managing stress at the workplace or developing your professional skills, you can reach out to our Executive Coach.


Our team of pharmacists will help to answer your queries pertaining to pharmacy, medication and supplements. 

Holistic Health Coach 

Our holistic health coach will assist if you would like to know more about running, nutrition and mindfulness. 

Naluri Assistant

If you have any inquiries or are experiencing any technical glitches with the app or your subscription, let our Naluri Assistant know and we will attend to your concerns as soon as possible.

What to expect during the weekly exercise session?

You will be led by one of Naluri’s experienced fitness instructors through a variety of exercise sessions including functional training, mobility and movement, and more to help you improve your athletic ability, flexibility and general health.

What to expect during bi-weekly lunchtime health talk?

Naluri’s health coaches will share their expertise on a range of topics including mindset, diet, exercise, self-care and stress management and leave you with actionable takeaways to implement in your lives.

Is there any post-measurement taking after I finish the 12 weeks program?

After the 12 weeks program, you will repeat the same blood test and surveys in order to measure your progress and gauge the effectiveness of the program at improving your health.                    

Is there any closing ceremony after the program ends?

Yes, there will be a closing ceremony and awards presentation for the winners. We will provide more details closer to the date.         

Can I withdraw from the program after being selected as a participant?

Yes, but only with valid reasons. However the program fee of RM50 will not be refunded. As the RM50 is only part of the actual cost of running the program per participant, the balance would have been incurred by RHB Banking Group notwithstanding your withdrawal from the program.

What do the winners of the program stand to win?

Top 3 Individual winners:

-       Gold = RM1,500 with trophy

-       Silver = RM1,000 with trophy

-       Bronze = RM500 with trophy

Top 3 Team winners:

-       Gold = RM3,000 with trophy  

-       Silver = RM2,000 with trophy

-       Bronze = RM1,000 with trophy

Merit Awards:

-       Merit awards for individuals

11.  How do I know my t-shirt size?

Kindly refer below size chart for t-shirt size.

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