Move beyond protection.
Be a partner in health.

Actively improve the risk of chronic disease on your insured members through next generation digital therapeutics that emphasises the importance of both mental and physical health

But, profitability is decreasing and competition is intensifying


+ 1. Crisis of chronic disease

An individual with chronic disease, could potentially cost 5-10 times more than a healthy person every day. Unfortunately, Southeast Asia is having a crisis of chronic disease, and experiencing healthcare cost growth of 10-13% year on year, one of the highest in Asia. But, most of this cost if preventable.

+ 2. Systemic infrastructure gaps

As we shift more from communicable diseases to non-communicable diseases, Southeast Asia is caught between building healthcare systems that need to cater for both. Unfortunately, most chronic disease care is still provided within costly hospital settings. We need more out-of-hospital care, and centered around the invididual, in a cost-effective, scalable, and accesible way.

+ 3. Fee-for-service

Our private healthcare system is anchored on a fee-for-service basis that does not align the interests of the healthcare provider and the insurer. A payment innovation where we move towards more outcomes-based would be required to extract more value from the system


How Naluri can help


Coordinated multi-disciplinary care that focuses on psychology of behaviour change

Continuous daily support through a multidisciplinary team of professional coaches and access to holistic advice in a coordinated manner


Accessible, convenient and confidential service that leverages deep-tech

All delivered through a smartphone, and in local languages, your members will received a tailored treatment program where and when they the can best engage, All this, powered by our “Naluri Brain”


Scalable digital platform that is evidence-based

We know that there is a systemic shortage of qualified professionals in the region (e.g., psychologists, dieticians). That is why we have build our platform to scale, while ensuring that everything we do is evidence backed


Win-win outcomes-based payment model

Tired of paying for programs that fail to deliver outcomes? We will work with you on an outcomes basis, where we get rewarded only when we deliver the healthcare outcomes you are looking for


We have proven effectiveness.


of our users have clinically significant outcomes. Including, but not limited to

5% BMI or weight reduction


or more of chronic disease risk reduction

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1.0 HbA1c (blood sugar) reduction


decrease risk of amputations by vascular disease

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1.0 mmol/L total cholesterol reduction


decrease risk for any CHD event

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10mm Hg systolic blood pressure reduction


decrease in risk of heart failure

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 Hear how we are changing lives

We are privileged to be partners to some inspirational life changing journeys


Lutfi, Amateur Muay Thai Fighter

Naluri has helped me to focus better and perform better during my fights.

Bart, Businessman

Naluri is a lifestyle change for me…I sit here now after losing 6 KGs and remaining constant for 3 months.


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