Bend the curve.
Reduce the costs of chronic disease.

Actively improve the risk of chronic disease through next generation digital therapeutics that emphasises the importance of both mental and physical health

A majority of your employees may be at risk of physical and mental chronic illnesses

1 2015 Malaysian National Health and Morbidity Survey
2 Malaysia’s Healthiest Workplace by AIA Vitality 2018
3 Association of Comorbid Mood Disorders and Chronic Illness with Disability and Quality of Life in Ontario, Canada (4/2008)

Traditional Employee Assistance Programs often have low take-up rates and unknown impact


 Traditional EAP services

  • Telephone help-line

  • 4-5 one-on-one counselling sessions

  • 2-4 training workshops a year

Low effectiveness

  • Only 4.5% of employees use EAP services

  • Each employee averages only 2.5 sessions a year

  • No quantitative measures of impact for Management to assess EAP effectiveness


 We deliver outcomes

We help you address physical and mental chronic conditions in an integrated manner, and deliver measurable outcomes


Physical health


achieved clinically-significant outcomes, such as:


Mental health


achieved clinically-significant improvements across Depression, Anxiety, and Stress read more


A scalable program that works

We surround participants with the tools and support they need to build long-term healthy habits.


Personal Health Coach

A health or clinical psychologist that helps you set your health goals and teaches you how to get there. Coaching you everyday to helps you form new habits, and keeps you accountable.


Daily modules

From understanding you mind better, to eating better and exercising more to looking after yourselves, and skills to rebound from set-backs, our tailored content is designed to have an immediate—and lasting—impact.

team (1).png

Virtual health team

A universe of professionals from medical doctors, pharmacists, dieticians, fitness coaches - all on hand to serve your employee needs. No more booking appointments, battling traffic or queuing at clinics.  


Digital journals

Easy to use and interactive food journals and thought journals, allows you to keep track of your everyday moments. Our professional coaches give you actionable feedback often, so you can jump-start your new habits


Tailored to you

We offer a personalised program based on your own health goals and life situation…


Connected devices

Our digital smart weighing scale allows individuals to keep a regular record of their progress over time - this not only measures weight, but also body fat.


ROI in as little as 6 months

We strive to be outcomes oriented and want to be trusted partners with you on your health agenda. Therefore, we aspire to deliver exceptional value to your organisation. Based on the potential savings from avoidable health costs, you could see a return on investment in as little as 6 months


How we work with you

Aligned objectives

You want better health outcomes for your employees. We live and breathe on delivering health outcomes. Therefore we work with you on jointly defining measurable health metrics such as BMI, blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, and even depression, anxiety and stress. This way, you have a clear view on the effectiveness of the program.

Co-led enrolment

You have a business to run - and launching a health drive should not require a huge effort. We work together with you to engage and excite your workforce to participate in the program. This includes giving health talks, running an enrolment campaign, either through email, videos, or other channels. We work in tandem with your internal teams, but are happy to take the lead where ever you need us to.

On-site health assessments and engagement

As part of the program, we will conduct pre and post program health assessments for the participants. This ensures that there is transparency in the health outcomes achieved and the impact of the program is measurable.


Learn how you can get a ROI within 6 months