Webinar Q & A: Psyching Out Diabetes with Naluri


Knowing that you are diagnosed with diabetes can be a frustrating and daunting phase in your life. However, it should not be an obstacle for you to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the upcoming webinar, “Psyching Out Diabetes with Naluri” we will discuss about the struggles and challenges faced by individual who has been living with Type 2 diabetes and recommend ways to cope with it better with psychological support.


Host and Guest

The host for our webinar will be Dr. Hariyati Shahrima, Malaysia’s leading expert in stress management, chronic management and motivational interviewing. Previously, she was an academician at International Islamic University Malaysia. She also set up the Psychology Unit and Lifestyle Modification Centre at Prince Court Medical Centre and was the consultant psychologist for the Biggest Loser Asia TV show. Currently, Dr Hariyati is one of the co-founders at Naluri Hidup Sdn Bhd.


The guest for our webinar is Mr. Jeyaratnam Jeyapaalan. He is a Chief Finance Officer in Petaling Jaya. Mr. Jeyapaalan has been a diabetes patient for more than 25 years. He is a man with mind of steel. His nature of occupation requires frequent travel out of Malaysia. He does not let diabetes stops him from performing daily tasks and activities.



This month, the webinar will be centred upon the theme ‘diabetes’. We will discuss in depth the following topics:

  • Successful adjustment to diabetes for better quality of life using psychological approach

  • Effective behavioral change to achieve fruitful health outcomes

  • Stress management in coping with diabetes

  • Putting a brake on diabetes burnout

  • Strong support system for better diabetes management

We will also discuss about how psychological support and interventions to help develop mental resilience and coping strategies in managing diabetes.


Time and Date

The webinar will be aired on 24th April 2018 at 7-8pm. Don’t forget to save the date and mark your calendar in advance!


Watch Our Webinar

Sign up for our webinar at http://go.naluri.life/naluri-webinar-registration. Upon registration, we will send you a confirmation email with link to the webinar. On the 24th April 2018, all you need to do is to click the link attached in the email to watch the webinar!



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Diabetes management is not only about behavior change per se. In fact, there are many facets to it. Adopting a holistic approach in diabetes management by integrating physical and mental healthcare can help diabetes patients to achieve sustainable and better health outcome.

Information empowers. Even if you do not have diabetes, it is great to equip yourself with the relevant knowledge. Who knows you could be the hero to someone one day by sharing the information that you obtain from this webinar. So, don’t miss out out, secure your seat now!