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  Has it ever crossed your mind how some people gets frustrated so easily and give up when faced with a challenging task at work? And why some others given the same task –  becomes persistent, keeps on trying until they managed to complete it? These scenarios are typical examples that portrays your beliefs. In

food journal

Writing down what you eat can be a hassle when you have to take into account all those macronutrients information. If you want to keep track of what you eat without the fuss of keeping a pen and paper with you wherever you go, you have come to the right place. With Naluri’s Food Journal,

naluri thought journal

Having a safe space to share your emotions, feelings and thoughts for the day can be comforting. Through our Naluri Thought Journal, you are able to share your joys and achievements as well as your worries and frustrations. With this, you are able to capture how your thought patterns work and identify the thinking traps

Did you know that many Malaysians perceive cost to be one of the barrier in achieving a healthy lifestyle (Sharkawi, Mohamed & Rezai, 2014)? Many of us think that it is expensive and time-consuming to be healthy, be it in diet or exercise.

Initiating a healthy lifestyle habit can be a real struggle for most of us. Often, we may not be able to fit in time within our hectic schedule to do the things we planned to do. Naluri acknowledges this and helps you find a variety of practical ways that you can incorporate into your day

A Health Coach in Your Pocket

Imagine this: You are all set and motivated to start a new diet plan this week and are making changes to what you eat. It makes you feel good knowing that you are on track. Fast forward onto next week and you’re already back to your old eating habits. This can be a frustrating situation

Have you ever felt that sheer sense of relief when you are able to have someone listen to how bad your day was at work? Just having a place to share your thoughts and emotions can be comforting.

You’ve seen it on the TV and have probably googled it up: the “what to do” to start a healthy eating habit. But you still find yourself in the same dilemma: you just don’t know how to begin or where to start.

Tried adopting a new healthier habit but haven’t been successful? A common reason is due to internal conflicting thoughts that make us unable to decide and change.

We are proud to announce that Naluri Hidup is now a MSC Malaysia Status company, awarded by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) as of 3rd May 2018.

  It’s no secret – Being physically fit leads to better health. Yet, most of us still struggle to find an exercise and fitness routine that we can maintain continuously.

Stress and Diabetes

Managing diabetes is a life-long process which entails continuous effort and commitment. At times, this may cause stress and feelings of frustration along the way. Adherence to medication, changing eating habits, fear of complications can all be triggers to developing stress, anxiety and depression in the long-run. 

Knowing that you are diagnosed with diabetes can be a frustrating and daunting phase in your life. However, it should not be an obstacle for you to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In the upcoming webinar, “Psyching Out Diabetes with Naluri” we will discuss about the struggles and challenges faced by individual who has

The Courage to Cope With Cancer

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In 1990, the largest ever biology research involving over twenty universities and research centres around the world, the Human Genome Project, was launched to map out the over 3 billion units in the human genetic instruction set. After seven years, they completed 1% of this massive task. At that rate, it would have taken another

Most people still do not actively engage in healthy behaviour even though we know clearly from science that health promoting behaviour (physical activity, eating a healthy diet, not smoking, drinking alcohol in moderation) leads to a 11–14 year delay in all-cause mortality (1,2). For example, losing weight and getting fit is the most commonly broken New

Malaysia-based digital health startup, Naluri Hidup has successfully raised approximately RM1 million in seed funding from BioMark, a healthcare analytics company based in Singapore, and Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups, through its Southeast Asia-focussed fund – 500 Durians.

Have you ever felt the need to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Planning a quick getaway so you can just relax and rewind? Well, fret not. Spending time in the midst of lush greenery, the fresh air and the subtle sound of nature may help you do just that. There have

Going through a heart surgery – whether an angioplasty, a bypass, or recovering from cardiac arrest – can be very daunting. You have to deal with the both the stress and psychological trauma of the procedure, thoughts of mortality, and at the same time, you have to be focused about making lifestyle changes to diet,