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How to Tell Different Types of Naluri Health Coaches Apart

Becoming your healthiest and best self is a unique and personal journey that no one else can undertake for you. Every single person has different levels of health, goals to accomplish, needs to fulfil, and capacity to make healthy changes. One thing everyone has in common, however, is a need for support.

Whether you’re part of an employee assistance programme to manage burnout or boost engagement at work, seeking counselling and talk therapy to work through personal issues, coping with a chronic condition like depression, anxiety, diabetes, or obesity, health coaching can help you by providing guidance, feedback, strategies, coping mechanisms, and the tools you need to achieve your health goals and live your healthiest and best life.

Naluri has a growing list of health coaches that include clinical psychologists, executive coaches, dietitians, medical doctors, and more. Here’s a quick guide explaining the differences between each type of coach and what they may be able to help you with.

Clinical psychologist

A clinical psychologist is a mental health professional who has completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then continued in graduate training in clinical psychology. They specialise in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness, emotional disorders, and behavioural issues to help people understand the nature of difficulties they may be dealing with, develop insight and skills to minimise and manage the impact of issues, and may coordinate with other health service providers, including physicians or psychiatrists to provide care. 


Counsellors come with a range of backgrounds and may have master’s or doctoral level degrees from counselling programs but may or may not have training in the assessment or treatment of mental health conditions. They provide vocational guidance and advice on various issues including stress, marital differences, work-related problems, maladaptive issues, and more. There is some overlap between the role of a counsellor and clinical psychologist.

Executive coach

Executive coaching is a powerful, focused and effective career development tool. They are essentially skilled and targeted conversations that challenge and support executives and employees to help themselves and their career or business growth to excel over time. An executive coach help individuals optimize their career progression, develop leadership skills, and manage work-related issues.


Dietitians are qualified and regulated health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems at an individual and wider public-health level. They use the most up-to-date public health and scientific research on food, health and disease which they translate into practical guidance to enable people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices.

Financial planner

A financial advisor is often responsible for more than just executing trades in the market. Advisors use their knowledge and expertise to construct personalized financial plans that aim to achieve their financial goals. These plans include not only investments but also savings, budget, insurance, and tax strategies. Advisors also help people re-evaluate their current situation and future goals and plan accordingly.

Fitness coach

A fitness coach combines systematic coaching and personal training to empower individuals to develop a fit lifestyle as well as the ability and self-confidence to maintain a fit lifestyle. They understand the difference between what a person wants and what they need and help identify the underlying issues that prevent them from achieving their stated goals.

Each coach can help with different aspects of your health journey whether mental, physical, financial or in your career which is why Naluri’s premium in-app coaching connects you to multiple types of coaches through the asynchronous chat feature. Instead of relying on just one coach, you can instead get support and guidance from a host of professionals and experts in their field to help you achieve your healthiest and best self.

Reach out to to understand how you can boost your health with Naluri’s holistic personalised coaching programmes or download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Writen by:
Chloe Pharamond