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Misconceptions about psychologists that you need to know

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When you are going through a rough time or feel lost in grappling the crisis at hand, it’s comforting to know that you are not alone in this. Don’t worry, it is okay to reach out for help from a psychologist.  Although stigma and misconceptions surrounding mental health still exist, but having a clear understanding on the role of psychologists and the importance of caring for your mental wellbeing can really alter the way you perceive psychological support.

Here, we debunk 4 common MYTHS toward seeking help from psychologists.  

Myth 1:

Seeing a psychologist? You must be CRAZY!

Psychologists do not necessarily deal with individuals who experience a mental disorder. In other words, you are NOT crazy if you seek help from a psychologist. At times, people who may have issues with their day-to-day life such as coping better with stress at work, dealing with anxiety or those who may be looking for ways to become healthier  seek help and guidance from psychologists. Yes – they do! These are common themes faced by many individuals and once in a while, it’s good to have an “outside perspective” to help us to see the bigger picture of the roadblock that we are facing in our lives. Psychologists help you to overcome your struggles by identifying potential stressors and guide you to restructure your thoughts and behaviour into a more realistic and constructive thinking pattern.


Myth 2:

Why BOTHER seeing a psychologist if I can talk to MY friends or family?  

It’s great to reach out to our close friends and family members since they are the closest support system that we have. But at times, they may not provide you with the most appropriate and comforting feedback that you had hoped for. Sometimes, their comments may not be the most constructive to solve our problems and we may end up feeling worse about ourselves. On the contrary, a psychologist holds a more objective and unbiased point of view where they are trained with a set of specialised skills, knowledge and expertise to guide you in making informed decisions and provide support to bounce back and be more resilient. Psychologists focus much of their attention on delving into how you think and respond in certain situations. Through this, they are able to help you restructure your thoughts and modify your behaviour through techniques such as CBT and motivational interviewing.

Myth 3:

Seeking help from a psychologist shows that you are TOO weak to handle your own problems.

As humans, none of us are perfect beings. At some point in our life, we stumble, we get stuck and we fall down. But please know, that you are not alone. And seeking help is NOT a sign of weakness.  In fact, when you are able to acknowledge that you are struggling and reaching out to psychologists – that is a sign of courage. It shows that you are open and taking initiative towards improving the quality of  your mental health and wellbeing. Always remember that when you are doing this, you are not just doing this for yourself but also for those who love and care about you. After all, we are social beings, and we need others to help us see our problems from a fresh perspective. Like they say, “No man is an island”.


Myth 4:

Psychologists can FIX and SOLVE all your problems.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that values instant gratification and wants results immediately. But therapy does not work that way. As much as psychologists want to help keep you back on track, it is not within their role to prescribe you what to do and solve your problems instantly. Rather, they will be your guide – acting as your facilitators and discussing effective skills and coping mechanism for you to overcome potential roadblocks. Psychologists are often able to give you a whole new way of looking at your current problem and provides a safe and supportive environment for you to open up your thoughts and feelings and most importantly, to know that you are not alone in this.



Reaching out for support – takes a LOT of courage and strength. By having an “outside perspective”, psychologists can help build up your mental resilience and coping mechanisms to deal with the crisis effectively. At Naluri, we provide in-person counselling services that you can augment with our digital health app. Our team of professional psychologists will provide support through a safe space where you can freely express your concerns without fear of judgement or disapproval. Visit our website at www.naluri.life or email us at [email protected] to find out more!